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Presenting at CT-JSHS

If you are interested in presenting at the CT-JSHS here are the steps you must take.

  1. Please complete the student registration online before December 13, 2016, You may access this registration by clicking here.
  2. Please fill your title and mentor information as soon as possible.   We will be emailing your mentor to verify your research, please inform them we will be contacting them. You may go back and modify your application after December 6th to up load your latest abstract, outside assistance and all questions. Please complete this by  January 6, 2017.
  3. A three minute video of the student presenting their research must be submitted if they are interested in being a presenter before January 6, 2017. Please read  Video Description on the registration site for the instructions on how to submit your video or here video-Description-CT2017
  4. There are two ways to present at CT-JSHS, oral presentation and poster presentations. A guideline for oral presentations can be found by referring to the oral Presentation Guidelines. Poster presenters, please refer to the Poster Presenter Guidelines. Please carefully read these guidelines. Your success at CT-JSHS could hinge on you following the guidelines and no one wants someone eliminated for a lack of compliance.