Thank you for your interest in the CT-JSHS.

All students, teachers, guests and volunteers  that are interested in attending the CT-JSHS must submit your registration online .  All student delegations must have a registered Chaperone.  As a student there are two ways to attend the CT-JSHS, as a presenter or an observer. All students must fill in the  registration form. Deadline is  December 8, 2017! If you would like to present your research there are additional steps. Please visit the “Presenting at the CT-JSHS” web site. There is a step by step process that must be followed.

If you are accepted into the CT-JSHS either as an observer or a presenter we will email you an acceptance package with details about the event.  Please understand this is a competitive process to enter in the CT-JSHS. We wish we could showcase everyone’s work and invite all applicants but time and space limitations prohibit it. Please read you selection letter carefully so you understand what role you will have in the CT-JSHS.

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